Our Many Bodies

“To achieve excellence, we must also consider and work with what is not apparent, with what cannot be seen. We must journey into the complex world of subtle energies.” 

~Cyndi Dale, Author, The Subtle Body

To work holistically, practitioners need to consider the whole being. This module identifies the different layers that embody every human being. It also provides a brief overview of the chakra system and describes dimensionality and the various planes of existence. In addition, the text discusses ways to recognize and work effectively with spirits and guides, and emphasizes the importance of personal protection when working with negative entities.  

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Subtle Bodies

Every human being has several layers of bodies. Different schools of thought have various labels for each.

The layers of bodies are equivalent to the physical, etheric, astral, emotional, mental, spiritual, and preternatural. These correspond to realms, which are not to be confused with dimensions or planes. These will be discussed later.

While alive, a conscious Being is manifest in all of these bodies. When a person is dead, he or she has all of the bodies mentioned above except the physical body. That is really the definition of death: the shedding of the physical body; yet all the other bodies remain.


Popular perspectives claim that there are seven chakras (points of physical and/or spiritual energy) placed along the length of the human body.

A more advanced study reveals there are 12 chakras that correspond directly to the 11, going on 12, dimensions, which we'll discuss in a later unit.

Rather than a pillar of chakras up the spine, the entire chakra system is formed as an ever-moving doughnut-shaped torus. See below.

Graphic Human Torus.jpg

Viewing the human body in the center of the torus, the first seven chakras coming through the inside of the torus (doughnut), and the aura and chakras 8-12 spreading out around the outside of the torus. It is one continuous system of energy.