Accessing the Subconscious Mind

Being in a trance state is one of the most effective ways to access the subconscious mind. Throughout history shamans and meditators have shown us the value of entering this relaxes and focused mental frequency to connect with the higher self and with other beings.

Although, as humans, we should be able to access this state on our own, it is facilitated by the use of hypnotic techniques.

In actuality, we’re all in a form of trance most of our lives. From a certain perspective, it is hypnosis that allows us to come out of the trance of our personal perspectives and limitations, to align more closely with reality, or at least achieve an expanded perspective of ourselves and the world around us.

When we do things from habit, or because they are traditional or cultural, we’re in trance. When we respond, even subconsciously, to the urging of an advertisement, we’re in trance. Our self-assessment, or self-esteem, is considered to be a group of trance states that collectively reflect our self-worth and manifest as our personality.

On another end of the spectrum, shamans throughout history and in many indigenous cultures, use deliberately induced trance to create greater spiritual connections and effect healing changes.

The trance state is typically an enjoyable experience. As humans, we seek these altered, transpersonal states. Often these states are accessed in potentially unhealthy ways, such as through drugs, alcohol, or other self-destructive manners. These pathways tend to lead more toward masking issues rather than shedding light on them. In its highest use, trance can facilitate health, wellness, connection, alignment with reality, and the manifestation of goals.

Throughout this course, you’ll learn and practice several techniques designed to allow you to use hypnotic trance states to create awareness, healing, and growth for yourself and others, as well as build connections to spiritual realms.

While we don’t diagnose, analyze or prescribe, unless we are licensed to do so, as hypnotherapists we provide a platform for our clients to explore, discover, shift, and grow in healthier ways.

In this course, you’ll learn several techniques designed to allow you to provide solid support while your client explores deeper realms of their subconscious mind, retrieve fragments of their soul, connect with spirit guides, and more.


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