Smoking is a top reason people turn to hypnotherapy. Will you be the one they can count on to help them?

Why Your Client Still Can't Quit Smoking

Your client is desperately trying to quit smoking, but something’s not right. You’ve tried everything in the book, applied all of the teachings, but nothing’s helping and they keep lighting up.

They’re dreaming of a day where they’re free of cigarettes and smoke, and you’re dreaming of getting them there, but, somehow, the dots aren’t connecting… and time is running out. 

You desperately want to help your client crush this habit for good, but you’re stumbling on things like:


→ Relying on old, dated techniques that don’t address their unique situation, leaving your work ineffective and unsuccessful

Knowing your client is ready to quit, but they're blocked and resistant because they're afraid to fully commit to the process, creating resistance that is hard to overcome.

→ Getting results that last a couple of days, and then your client finds that cigarette in their hand again and stops believing they can quit and stops believing in you. 

What will happen if you don’t help your client quit smoking?

This bad habit can have serious effects on your client's physical and mental health. Smoking uncontrollably can harm their family, their wallet, their time, and their focus. And worst of all, it could lead to disease and even a slow, painful death. 

And not helping your client can have serious repercussions for your practice: 

Your client will be too frustrated and move on to another practitioner for help. 

Failing will tarnish your practice, and you’ll lose out on referrals and future clients.

You’ll feel like you failed your client, that your work isn’t valuable, and you may lose confidence in your abilities.

Your client came to you for a solution, but you haven't been able to help them.

Until now…

What if you could help your client quit smoking for good?

Imagine having a surefire process that takes your client from addicted and at the brink of disease, to 100% cigarette-free. 

You can catalyze change in their lifestyle and mindset, taking them from lifelong addiction to final liberation.

You’ll be instrumental in saving their relationships with loved ones, helping them perform better at work, and saving them from burning up tons of money.

You’ll help another person change the course of their life for good, making you feel like the confident practitioner you are.

It’s time for you to get another success story.

What you'll learn:

All-Important First Call & Intake Interview

This is my chance. How will I help my caller if they don't enroll in my program?

Learn specific and powerful language to use and questions to ask your quit-smoking client during the initial enrollment call that will make it hard to resist your offer.

Then, as you begin your quit-smoking journey together, be prepared with a unique conversation you'll have during the first session that will blow their minds and set you on a course for success.

Strategies to Eliminate the Uge to Smoke

My client may commit to quitting by the end of their first session, but how will they cope with withdrawals? How do they overcome their urge in a few days or when faced with a strong trigger?

You'll be shown specific techniques to incorporate in your first quit-smoking hypnotherapy session along with an easy strategy you'll teach your client so they can more easily handle those critical moments when they have the urge to smoke.

Next Steps to Long-Term Success along with Encouraging Statistics

What happens next? How do I continue with follow-up sessions?

Your program will be more than one session, so your client has support and accountability.

Be prepared with special strategies for subsequent quit-smoking sessions to ensure their success over time, along with encouraging data and shocking statistics that you'll share that will make all the difference.

Here's what you'll get in Crush the Smoking Habit for Good

Crush the Smoking Habit for Good

Learn from My Experience

Opening my hypnotherapy practice in 1997, I've worked with clients on a vast array of issues.

One of the more gratifying is smoking cessation because there is a defined and measurable goal and immediate results when you have the right strategies and procedures.

Over the years, I've developed and tested the system that I present in this course. It works, and nearly all my clients have quit smoking permanently or significantly reduced their usage after the first session.

Are you ready to learn tried and tested hypnotherapy strategies that help your clients quit smoking for life?