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Four Kinds of Clients

In this market niche, there are four types of clients you will deal with:

  1. The client must quit smoking because of social pressure—from loved ones, employers, doctors, etc.
  2. The client has someone else call for them or may not know someone is inquiring on their behalf.
  3. The client is curious but feels they are not yet ready to quit.
  4. The client is ready and willing to do what it takes.

The first two categories are, of course, more challenging to work with. They feel coerced into seeing you and particularly into quitting this habit. They may drag their feet, resist the treatment, or take an attitude of "See if you can make me quit smoking."

However, any of them can be putty in your hands if you focus your energy and confidence on delivering the best service to them.

When clients say they are not sure they are ready to quit, encourage them to come in anyway. Your work together will lay the groundwork for them to be prepared.

The easiest person to enroll in your program is ready and willing. They understand it is time, and they're calling you because they know they need guidance and support.

You're the person for the job!

In any of these situations, with the secrets I'm about to share, you'll have the skills and techniques to help them overcome their smoking habit and enjoy a much healthier lifestyle.

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