A Lucrative Proposition

Creating Your Program

You have some options to consider in setting up your successful and lucrative smoking cessation program.

If this is one of a variety of services you offer, you may want to simply integrate your clients into your normal practice of charging by the hour or by the session. However, I strongly urge you to consider the additional money you can make doing almost the same work you are doing now while bringing in a much higher revenue stream.

If you plan to specialize in smoking cessation or feature that as a specialty service and skill set, you will want to have a formalized structure for this part of your business. Because this is a very lucrative and high-demand corner of the business, you can formalize your smoking cessation program and have a separate pricing structure for this service.

The sky is the limit, and you can take this to very successful places.

There are many ways to create your program. Take your time, consider all your options, and formalize the structure of what you will offer the public. You'll want to automate many features so that you can repeat them with many customers quickly and easily.

As an example, you may now be treating people for smoking cessation over a period of three sessions at the cost of your hourly rate. As a formalized program, you'll add audios and handouts that you'll use again and again for a one-time investment of your time, and now you'll double the fee. By taking it out of an hourly rate and into an exclusive program, you can garner a much higher price. You can take a $500 series of sessions and turn it into a $900 specialty program.

Is it worth it to your client to spend $900 to quit smoking? They'll be convinced when we do the math for them.

We'll talk about that later in the course.

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