Why Explore Past Lives in Counseling

Past life regression is the deliberate use of a variety of methods to retrieve memories of experiences that occurred in other lifetimes. While re-experiencing past life events often brings about healing and change, the greater goal of looking beyond the veil of separation into the memories of the subconscious mind is to gather knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the deeper aspects of personality and character. The grander objective is the pursuit of completion and wholeness.

In essence, the pursuit of past life memories derives from the desire to put present life experiences, personality, and character into context within the full progression of the soul. To illustrate, imagine that you have amnesia. You cannot remember anything that happened before you were 21 years old. What would you know about yourself?

How could you understand your relationships with other people? What would you know about your personality traits, the origins of your health issues, the basis for your choice of occupation, or the source of your knowledge and wisdom? Without substantiating evidence, it is difficult to truly know yourself.

Expand that example to the bigger picture of the soul. Only by obtaining information about your previous lifetimes can you gain full knowledge of your character, your personality, your purpose, your overall progress, and the nature of your soul.

While clients may come to your office seeking a past life regression simply out of curiosity, the more sophisticated seeker wishes to access this information as a means to a greater end. She wants answers to questions that have arisen in her life, questions that cannot be resolved without access to knowledge that lies outside the boundaries of her present life memories.

Clients unaware of the connection between this present life and past ones may be pleasantly surprised when you introduce this tool as a means to achieve their goals. Past life regression affords clients unique opportunities for a greater understanding of patterns of behavior, relationships, health issues, life purpose, talents and interests, and recurring challenges. Past life exploration can expand their perspective of themselves, others, and the world at large.

The excerpted client sessions that follow exemplify a range of presenting problems resolved through past life regression techniques.

Cycles of Behavior

Most of us have no trouble seeing strengths and weaknesses in others, but when it comes to seeing our own life situations with clarity, the challenge often seems insurmountable. Viewing the cycles and patterns of behavior recurring throughout many lifetimes, however, grants a greater perspective on our unique quirks, habits, struggles, fears, choices, hopes, and dreams.

When our clients view their past lives, a natural distancing occurs. When they see their past life “counterpart” exhibiting the same or similar dysfunctional behaviors or making the same mistakes that they do, they more readily understand the changes they need to make. From this third-party perspective, our clients can allow themselves a more objective assessment of behaviors and decisions.

One of the early regressions I facilitated was with a woman in the Midwest. She described life on the prairie as an early settler. She saw that in her former lifetime, each day she would wash clothes and hang them on a line to dry while keeping her attention on the horizon. She was waiting for someone, anyone, to come along and make her life exciting. It was a considerably dull lifetime, so much so that I was starting to feel bad about charging her for the session!

During our debriefing, I asked her how she thought that life was significant to her now. Wide-eyed, she exclaimed that the past life she had recalled was just like her own life now. She realized that she was again fairly isolated, leading a very dull life, and was waiting for someone to knock on her door and change all that.

The realization that she achieved that day may have been one that turned her whole world around, reversing lifetimes of unproductive behavior. My client awakened to the fact that if she wanted excitement, she would have to initiate it. She certainly understood that she could not go on repeating the same pattern and expecting a different result. In the previous lifetime, she had died alone and unfulfilled. She was determined to not let that happen again.

Physical Healing

In many cases, the health issues we experience in this life have roots that extend into other lifetimes. For this reason, past life regression can provide information important to healing physical symptoms.

While simply viewing the past life may help your client correct a problem, other techniques may also be employed during the regression to facilitate desired changes. These techniques are fully discussed in my book Hypnotherapy: A Client-Centered Approach, and are presented here in an abridged form.

My files are filled with cases of clients who have complaints of a physical ailment that are resolved by exploring and administering healing work within their past lives.

In any medical case, be sure to make it clear to your clients that they must maintain medications and procedures prescribed by their medical and primary care physicians. In most cases, it will be wise to obtain authorization to treat the client from their primary medical practitioner. Hypnotherapy and past life regression work is not a substitute for traditional medical care.

Unexplained Pain

Unexplained pains and syndromes, chronic pain and illness, birthmarks, and other health-related phenomena frequently have their roots in other lifetimes. The proper use of hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming techniques can significantly reduce the expression and magnitude of such health challenges during the session.

A female client requested a past life regression to attempt to uncover the basis for unexplained pain in her feet and ankles and to understand her sense of panic whenever she felt hungry.

By visiting two different lifetimes, she was able to get answers to her questions. In the first life that she recalled, she had been a man. He was going up a set of stairs when he encountered another man, wearing armor, who promptly injured his foot with an ax. Further recollections revealed that her past life counterpart owed the man money and that, although he recovered from the injury, he hobbled on that foot for the rest of his life.

My client revealed that there was a lesson concerning greed in that lifetime and that her counterpart was unethical and unfair. Through the lessons of those experiences, her soul was encouraged to be generous and to avoid making decisions based on monetary gain.

Continuing with another lifetime, my client discovered that she had been a male slave whose ankles were shackled in punishment for disobedience. In that lifetime, my client learned to be wise in picking the important battles to fight. She noticed strong correlations to this life, where again she has not always invested her energy in the right battles. She realized that she needed to think more carefully before acting or speaking.

We continued to another lifetime and discovered she had been a boy with a dozen siblings. There was a battlefield nearby, and the boy was cold, wet, hungry, and tired. She discovered that the boy was a prisoner of war and died of hunger in a prison camp. From this revelation, we were able to desensitize her fearful response to hunger in her present life.

Through a series of past life experiences, all revealed during a single session, this client was able to understand more fully the origins and nature of the symptoms she was experiencing. By employing various techniques in the midst of the regression, she was also able to achieve relief from her physical discomfort.


Regression can also reveal the roots of a phobia or other emotional block. Sometimes simply knowing the relevant past life experience will be enough to shift the energy, allowing a breakthrough or healing to occur. With the assistance of a qualified facilitator, a powerful healing can take place using additional techniques, as indicated in this next session.

A male client wanted to experience a past life regression to uncover clues about his intense phobia of heights. He was unable to enjoy mountain vistas, balconies, or even climbing a ladder. He decided that his condition had become debilitating, and he wanted to put an end to it.

In the session, he regressed to a lifetime during which he was moving across the country in a train of covered wagons, taking his wife and all his possessions. There, he discovered the clues he was seeking. Very few women were on the journey, and three other men in the group became jealous of his relationship with his wife.

Together they plotted to get rid of him. One day, the group was traveling past a canyon. Engaging him in a conversation, the three men drew him close to the edge of a cliff. In one swift movement, he was pushed to his death.

In this case, simply viewing that past life was enough to resolve the man’s subconscious fears. I heard from him a few months later, and he was delighted to report that he was no longer limited by his previous phobia of heights.

Life Purpose

By investigating past lives, clients can gain clarity about their life purpose. Contrary to wishful thinking or belief, a spirit is not created with a purpose. The consciousness of that spirit, at its origin, must promptly determine and shape a personal purpose. Without choosing a purpose, that spirit would be extinguished. We see this concept reflected in physical terms when we observe someone without awareness of their purpose or passion, wandering through life and fading away. Their life may come to a physical end, or they may simply continue with barely enough life force operating to keep the body trudging grimly along. For this reason, it is our soul’s essential responsibility to explore and recognize our avowed life purpose. This process can certainly be greatly assisted through hypnotherapy techniques and during past life regression.

My clients have also demonstrated secondary purposes. These brief purposes may enhance life lessons and personal growth and are usually accomplished in a relatively short time. Memories of past lives, therefore, may reveal why we have a natural penchant for music and the arts, or science or healing. Past lives can explain certain relationships, occupations, hobbies, or interests.

We will talk more about helping a client find their purpose later in this course.

Clarifying Core Values

After experiencing several past lives, people typically feel more connected to their greater life plan. My clients also often feel an enhanced responsibility to the planet and its inhabitants, and a stronger connection to their personal values.

When clients view their lives not simply from the perspective of their personal issues but in the context of the evolution of the planet, human society, and history, their individual hardships become less overwhelming. From the perspective of the communal process, our struggles as individuals have greater meaning. We embrace our part as a participant in the greater flow of universal energy.

A woman came to see me because she wanted to explore past lives to achieve greater happiness and to enhance her perspective on life. She visited two different lifetimes tied by a common thread.

In the first life, my client had been a male potter selling his wares in a marketplace, sometime in early A.D. He was in poor health, made little profit, and lived alone. He died young, yet in that short span, it was clear that he had been happy with his life. He did not need to impress anyone. He simply enjoyed his knowledge and skill and filled a need in society. The potter felt that life was too short to let anything upset his happiness.

Continuing, my client viewed a second life in which she was a woman receiving treatments for cancer. Again she died relatively young.

The lesson presented was to make the most of every day, as you don’t know how long you will live. The message was to not wait for happiness, to not think of life as something that will happen in the future. In response to witnessing these past life regressions, my client vowed to stop her negative thoughts and to let go of the day’s small irritations.

Deeper Connections

People carry a similar energy pattern, or aura, from life to life. The pattern may change as they master lessons or experience traumatic events, yet the distinct nature of that person’s energy, even when it appears in a different body, allows one to recognize a former alliance when it reappears.

People often take on similar physical attributes from life to life, such as body type and coloring, behavior, and demeanor. One may also use one’s own energetic sense to feel and recognize another’s energy.

A person’s choice of a mate and her ways of dealing with relationship issues can become clearer after visiting other lives. Your client may learn that the person she felt such strong energy from and later married in this lifetime was a “villain” toward her in a previous lifetime. Perhaps she interpreted that intense energy as a sign of their deep connection and, in the period of infatuation, overlooked the fact that the energy’s origin was a negative event. Similarly, the reason why someone else consistently triggers a volatile reaction in the client may become apparent when she observes her role with that person in previous lives.

Upon experiencing past life relationships with present life people, my clients often notice changes in the way they think and feel about the people around them. Once your clients have discovered other lifetimes that they shared with parents, siblings, friends, mates, or children, their understanding of the dynamics of these relationships becomes deeper and fuller.

Regressions create a more holistic sense of our interpersonal relationships, and of the lessons that arise within those relationships. We find out ways in which we agreed before birth to assist each other in our life paths. With the understanding that each person we encounter may have been our parents, siblings, or spouses in other lifetimes, we come to recognize the precious nature of every human soul. Each one carries the potential of having served some important role in one or more of our own lifetimes. In this sense, we are all family.

Even encounters with strangers can take on a new dimension. Who knows whether they played a significant role in one of our past lives? The postman, grocery clerk, or doctor may have been your mother, your best friend, or the cause of your demise in another time and place. That person cutting you off in traffic may have been your endearing but a rowdy best friend in a former incarnation, who is simply trying to get your attention again.

Whenever you meet someone with whom you will be closely involved—a potential mate, boss, child, in-law—it is wise and often extremely helpful to take the time to follow the memory of that energy back through the veils of time and discover the depth and true nature of the energy between you and this new person.

After experiencing many past life regressions, your client can move closer to a sincere recognition that all the people who make up the humanity of this world are connected in some significant way. We have interacted with others in many forms, taking on various roles with each other throughout history. Our paths intersect again and again; we change roles as in a game of musical chairs.

One of my clients re-experienced a lifetime in which she was a little girl and her grandmother was dying. It was very upsetting to the little girl because she loved her grandmother so deeply. When I asked whether she recognized her grandmother as anyone she knew in this present life, my client said, “The energy feels like my son’s.

In the same way that your clients may recognize various relationship roles they have played throughout the years when they regress to a variety of past lives, they have the opportunity to learn that they have been both males and females. Our spirits can choose which gender they will experience in a given lifetime. Some souls seem to prefer one or the other, and they, therefore, experience most lifetimes as one particular gender. When a spirit resonates with a specific sexual orientation, that trait may underlie his personality even during a lifetime in which he has come into a body of the opposite sex.

Race and Gender Variations

Past life regression may offer a possible explanation for homosexuality, and for men who are effeminate or masculine women. Gender may be chosen to facilitate the fulfillment of a specific purpose, to make one sexually available or unavailable to a specific mate, or to provide an experience out of the norm for that soul. Gender may also be chosen purely for physical, genetic reasons, or reasons of timing.

One of my clients was a young man, 19 years of age, whose mother had given him a gift certificate for a past life regression. She was present in the room during his experience.

As the young man went into trance and began the regression, his first words were that he was in excruciating abdominal pain. As the scene opened and he became aware of his surroundings, he exclaimed that he was a Native American female, squatting in her tepee, giving birth to her child. He went on to experience the childbirth and then returned to a state of calm comfort.

At the end of the session, we discussed how grateful his future wife would be because he now can be truly sympathetic while she is going through pregnancy and childbirth. Few men can relate to the childbirth experience as personally as this young man now can!

We have all experienced lives as people of different races, cultures, and religions, and as such, we have spoken a variety of languages. It is difficult to be prejudiced when you have experienced personal recall of a lifestyle or persecution very similar to another ethnic group. In this way, experiencing past life regressions encourages you to honor the divine that is common to every soul.

Occasionally, I have had clients of one race who, in the midst of a regression, suddenly exclaim that they are of a different race. They may be enchanted, looking at their skin or hair color. Some of my clients have experienced past lives in which their religious beliefs contrasted sharply with their current spiritual practice. Again, this allows them to broaden their perceptions and experiences.

Marriage and Divorce

Past life regression often helps to explain challenges that cycle through marriage and can bring clarity to certain aspects of a partner’s character.

A woman came in for a regression in the midst of a divorce from her husband who had been unfaithful to her. (We will call him Tom.). Before moving on, she wanted to gain a deeper understanding of their relationship.

As she enters her memory of the past life, she discovers that she is the hired servant for a wealthy couple. She has lived with them since her birth. Her present husband, Tom, is her boss in that lifetime, and he is married. As the scene unfolds, he is teaching her to read by studying the Bible. This provides private time for the two, and she begins to fall in love with him. He takes advantage of her feelings and initiates an intimate, sexual relationship with her.

She says, “My heart races when I think about that original home. There is fear, adrenaline. I am so afraid of getting caught. I remember him pushing himself on me. I was scared…and not. The first time we had sex, it was in the bedroom. I was a virgin. I was 17 and scared. I liked it, too. But I don’t like the fact that I like it. The whole idea makes me feel disgusted with myself and guilty.”

Wanting to help my client clear those feelings, I proceed with Object Imagery, asking her where she feels those emotions and sensations and asking her to describe them. “It’s in my chest,” she says. “It is heavy. There is a hole being burned into my chest (Interestingly, this client had a mastectomy due to cancer.) It’s a big black hole. It protects me from other people’s opinions and harm. It’s uncomfortable. It doesn’t work, but it is a part of me now. If it were gone, I would be lighter, freer, unburdened, unchained.”

She says that her lesson from that life was: “Stand up for yourself. Take control of yourself. Be proud. Stand and be firm. Believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid of rejection. It doesn’t matter.” Through visualization, my client imagines filling the hole in her chest with self-love.

Later in her former lifetime, she had moved on and done well for herself. She was operating her own drinking establishment and was enjoying life surrounded by friends. She was proud of her accomplishments.

It is interesting to note that, in the life this woman remembered, she had been the man’s mistress. This time she was the wife, and the man still had a mistress. The roles had changed a bit, but the man’s character had remained the same.

Childhood Abuse

I am frequently asked why a person chooses to come into a lifetime that results in childhood abuse. Later in the book, we will look at this issue more closely. For now, read this fascinating narration by a client who remembered her experience beginning between lifetimes and on into her present incarnation. The segment vividly demonstrates the metaphorical nature of perception.

The scene opens into a deep, dark space. There is no landing. No stars. It’s two- thirds open now. I’m not sure about going out there. It is a soft nothingness that would feel good on my skin. I wouldn’t have to do anything, it’s the ultimate hibernation.

I want to let go. I let go. There is nothing, but I’m caught by an invisible puffiness. I’m not falling into oblivion. I wonder, did my subconscious set up the support? I’m passed from one place to another, bouncing gently. I lie down.

A being comes, as though through cellophane. His face and hands come out through this membrane. Now I feel like I am being held in the branches of a tree. It’s a solid tree, with firm branches, but I’m afraid they will break. It appears that a stork comes. There is a rattle shaped like a plastic safety pin. The stork is wearing a captain’s hat. Am I a baby now?

I am feeling a tugging at my pelvis. I’m being rocked by my limbs, in preparation to be born. It seems someone is saying that I’ve rested enough: ‘It’s time for her to get ready.’ Huh? I feel like I’m coming out of sleep. I start to sit up. I say, ‘Where do you want me to go?’ I resist what they are telling me. It’s not easy. They are being soft with me.

I start to panic and get rigid. I now seem to look like myself as an adult, with this body and face. There is a pulse of light and energy through the tree. It’s getting me going. I’m being nudged away. It’s hard; I’m really resistant. They want me to go away. They tell me, ‘Sorry, it’s time.’ I’m baffled. What? Why?

I notice a long tunnel. I’m being shown where I will be going. Oh, no, this does not bode well. I notice a striping, then stars. There is a light at the end. I notice fuzzy white or gray. I’m resisting so much; my body doesn’t want this to be happening. There is a fuzzy light, and it comes toward me. Now I am sitting in a cloud. I’m still attached to the previous place. Someone reaches out from the clouds. They give me something to come into. I don’t know what this is. Anyway, I let go of the tunnel. It’s dark now. I’m in the clouds floating, in an angel outfit. “Someone points at the tunnel, reminding me I can’t go back home. This is not good news for this body.

I hear a message: ‘You are going to go through a lot of paralyzing, overriding emotions. You’ll forget who you are many times over. There will be glimmers that will seem like a speck. You will feel separate, abandoned, and lost. You will go in through your mother and not remember.’

I’m thinking, ‘My father is crazy.’ My mother is reaching out to me. I can’t believe I am being born to these extremely toxic people.

I want my own voice. I shake my head silently. I resist. Now I’m here in this body. In that moment of transition, I forget. I’m sunshiny. I take on a vehicle of sunshine. I keep myself from crossing over into their world. Instead, it made them want me more. I do that so they think I am incredible and will want me. I want it on my terms.

I am given over to my father by my mother. She knows we’re connected. Energetically it feels bad and she’s terrified, but she does it. My father takes me on as if I’m his trophy. He’s waiting for me. I’m full of light. He wants me sexually. There is no time to grow up.

No time. I’m given to him, like in other cultures. I’m two years old or less. There is no chance to get my bearings. I see my grandfather in the perimeter.”

I ask my client to go back to before she connected with this body, before this started, and tell me what she noticed then.

She says, “Again, I’m in that tree. That being has facial features that are distinct and beautiful. It’s attempting to help me. It’s time for me to rest. I’m being jostled around. I’m flipped like a pancake. Why is that being so angry? It hurts to be prepared. It makes me wake up and get ready. My body is not happy. It’s like being tortured, in a way, but I go along. I don’t put up a fight.

He is like my grandfather, but in that place, he is so evil, so disgusting. I also notice another being in spirit form. He says, ‘Look at this one. We got her. I told you we could do it. I wouldn’t have believed it.’

They were tracking me down. They are negotiating with each other for me. Who gave me up? I thought there was more to me. I let them pull me in. I thought I was tricking them. It seemed like a good deal. I thought I could do God’s work, in disguise. I thought.

I would let them think they got me. It was cruel for me to do that to myself. It was unfair. I set myself up to come into danger. That wasn’t nice. What happened? Who led me to this?

I’m floating in space. The evil faces are uncloaked. They are watching, grinning. Who did this? It is not okay. Then the process begins. It’s as though they are licking their chops. I see the tree there. It is a respite to me for strength and rest.

They picked my mother. She wouldn’t stop it. They were thinking, ‘But you’ll be of our lineage.’ To me, it is like being bacteria on a sponge. Someone was masquerading as God. Who sent me? Was it a false god?

Now I’m experiencing happiness. I’m out of my body but connected to a human form. It feels like maybe this took place in Atlantis. I’m drawn into a powerful vortex. I seem to come too close and then I am pulled in. I can’t get out, I spin out of control. There is confusion. It’s a whirlwind, down, down…I see my grandfather and then the tree. I’m dizzy…totally off-center.

I’m not supposed to be here, this is not good. I shouldn’t have had to come through like this. I want out of this mess. I’m like Dorothy, with the evil witch. There are so many illusions and she tries so hard. Still, she’s taken from her home. I’ll never be the same. My innocence was trashed, I’m trashed. Now a force wants to pull me off my path. This is not good.

Through this, I have learned that I can see well. Not a lot gets past me. I don’t always choose to go with my intuition, but I generally know things. I carry my religion in my heart. I understand it somehow. I didn’t die, and I won’t die. And now I see why I have always felt I had to fight for my life. I understand an enormous amount about human motivation, greed, fear, and avarice. I see why certain things happen on this planet. A big piece was missing from my understanding, but now I understand. I am a spiritual being with compassion and depth. I can look at the dark beings. Sometimes there are evil beings and I can take a stance.

I need to take my soul and hold it. I need to just hold it. I can feel the direct connection to God. It is never-ending. I need to be strong and energetic. I need cellular healing so that I never fall prey to that energy. That was my weakness.

It was not enough to know that I’m a high energy being. I need to surround myself with people who see me and adore me. I can grow, like a skyscraper. I need tenderness, nurturing. I need to be held. There is an exchange: the old for the new. I am giving up my entire way of looking at myself. People are lured to die before their time because of this force.

The highlight of what I do is when I see people come alive by something I’ve done; I enjoy being able to see a shift in them. It gives them hope, a jump start, and motivation. Then they can go out and be, and do what they are to do. I’m a purpose activator: I wake up people when they are ready. My purpose is to populate the planet and help in the balance between those that are asleep and those that are awake. The world naturally heals without chaos.”

This was an extraordinary case, not typical of the experiences my clients report when they remember being between lives. It is appropriate to be aware that all is not lightness and comfort in past life regressions.

Parenting and Adoption

The challenges of parenting can sometimes be resolved when parents witness past life relationships among family members. In the following case, there were extraordinary circumstances in the present life that set the scene for going back into the time between lives.

My client, a female in her teens, came for a session at her mother’s request. The mother had adopted her at 18 months, and the teen was experiencing numerous behavioral problems. Both mother and daughter wanted to understand the root cause of their difficulties, and perhaps discover how to resolve them. We began the session by regressing through the daughter’s present life memories. Starting with deep relaxation techniques, I asked her to go back to her earliest memories.

She began by recanting memories about arguments witnessed between her birth mother and her grandmother. The relationship between her biological mother and father vacillated between the congenial and the volatile. She recalled being left in a closet as an infant while her mother left the house from when it was sunny until after dark.

She also remembered an incident when her birth father came home with a gun. The conversation led her to believe that he tried to kill someone. Eventually, he was arrested. She also had memories of drugs, and of her mother dressing up at night when her father told her to go to work.

The daughter reported some happy memories as well, of her father smiling and telling her that everything would be all right. She was adopted after her birth parents were incarcerated.

Then I asked her to go back further, to the time before she was born, to discover what she might know about that time. Here is what she reported: “Someone has a hand on my back and he is pointing to two people. He says, ‘If you go down there, you can help them.’ They have tried before and couldn’t conceive. They don’t want to adopt. Having me as their baby would be good for them and me. It would be good for me because someone is waiting for me. It isn’t them, but someone else. He says, ‘These people are to have you.’ There is some difficulty in life that I needed to fix for them. He tells me, ‘Don’t be scared, whatever happens. Always be happy. They may not be perfect, but they need someone in their lives.’

I regretted it at first; I didn’t want to leave where I was. But he told me that I had to go. He said they would bring me something that I needed. I had to be with them. There was a plan for me, something waiting for me. When I asked him about that, he said that there had been a mistake and it needed to be fixed. When I asked what that had to do with me, he told me they are a part of me. They tell me that it will help me in my life. It will help me to be someone very different. He said they would help me through it. They know what’s going on and what would happen. They say there is a dark force trying to hurt me. They never told me what it was. If I don’t do this, I will be here forever. He wanted to help these other people, so I said I would do it.”

This young lady had a rough start in her present incarnation. With this deeper understanding of her pre-birth decisions and her early childhood experiences, she was allowed to strengthen herself and to stay focused on the bigger picture.

Soul Groups

During a two-year period, together with a group of several dozen peers, I engaged in a research project involving past life regression. We paired up regularly to facilitate regressions for each other, targeting specific periods in time. We would change partners and collect information on several lifetimes in many situations.

We discovered that we had frequently incarnated together. Apparently, we are all members of two soul groups who continually help each other through our various incarnations. During the regressions, we consistently recognized each other in those former lifetimes: as a brother, sister, mother, or boss. With no prior knowledge of these findings, another person in a separate, private session would recognize the same relationship as well. Through these independently performed regressions, we were able to corroborate the memories of several different people concerning events, relationships, conditions, scenery, customs, clothing, and more.

Frequently, being with your soul group is a major consideration when choosing a body in which to incarnate. Because you are connected energetically to your soul mate and to those in your soul group, whatever affects them energetically will affect you as well.

If members of your soul group are slowing down their progress, perhaps beginning to slide toward oblivion or extinction, that backward movement will exert an energetic pull on you, creating a drag on your spiritual growth. If you notice that members of your soul group are experiencing difficulties or are, alternatively, engaged in a quest that interests you, you may feel compelled to be born into a body that will place you close by. Sometimes your attachment to someone is so great that you will overcome any obstacle so that you may experience, once again, the physical sensations and pleasures you have shared with this person in previous lives.

The case studies presented in this course provide a glimpse into the broad variety of benefits available to your client through past life regression. If you provide a sense of openness and curiosity, your client’s subconscious will provide answers, giving him access to parts of himself and his experience that otherwise might have taken many years of present-time soul searching. Past life regression and between-life memories place one’s life experience in the larger context of a universal quest for spiritual evolution.

Experiencing past lives and life between lives shows you that you are not just a personality at the mercy of a random fate. Rather, you are a soul who seeks out specific experiences for expanding your spirit, consciousness, and existence.

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