Offer your clients a distinct pathway to their desired weight and a healthy lifestyle.

A Growing Problem

According to the CDC, 41.9% of Americans are obese, and, as a nation, the trend toward obesity continues to rise.

Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, Type-2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer, and are some of the leading causes of death.

Not only do people want to avoid horrific health issues. They want to look and feel good!

You Can Provide the Solution!

Do you want to be the one your clients turn to when they suffer from obesity or want to shed uncomfortable pounds?

The Deep Roots of Weight Gain

Gaining or retaining extra weight is a symptom of something more profound. The real culprit is an underlying cause or need.

Successfully reducing and managing weight requires this root cause to be discovered and addressed.

Hypnotherapy and related coaching skills offer a fast and effective way to achieve this goal.

A person's weight issues may have roots in childhood or abusive experiences, self-esteem, addiction, fear, stress, habits, or even a past life. You name it—it may be the reason they retain extra pounds.

When your clients suffer from this debilitating condition, you'll best serve them by gaining valuable skills to guide them to their ideal weight and lifestyle upgrades.

The heartbreak of obesity reaches far beyond the body image.

Overweight and obese people tend to suffer greater depression and other mental health issues, and are shamed, bullied, marginalized, and abused.

Get Paid to Be a Part of the Solution!

The weight management industry makes enormous profits yearly from our ever-growing (no pun intended) obesity crisis. The market size of the weight loss industry is estimated to be around $3.8 billion.

The annual revenues individuals spend on weight-loss products and services add up to an estimated $78 billion.

People are willing to spend a lot of money

to get the help they need.

They are desperate, yet much of what is offered in the marketplace won't work.

Why? Because those products and programs don't address the root cause that continues to plague your clients.

What Consumers Don't Know and

Why They Don't Get Results

If knowing and understanding what to do and not do were enough for most people to reduce their weight, they wouldn’t need hypnotherapy. But often, there are underlying emotions and reasons why people don’t make the healthful choices necessary to reach and maintain their weight management goals.

Similarly, people make a new year’s resolution with the best intentions but somewhere around March, or maybe even before, they lose sight of their goals because their willpower and self-motivation are simply insufficient.

Hypnotherapy uncovers and releases the blocks, fears, and other emotions or reasons a person sabotages the behavior that supports their goals.

Willpower, by definition, means you are pushing against a contradictory desire.

You don’t need willpower to overeat, fall in love, or engage in your favorite sport or hobby. You only need willpower when you are fighting against another value or desire.

Learn time-tested strategies and techniques, so your clients have a smooth journey to their weight management goals.

Step into your role as an empowered Weight Management Coach and get paid very well while participating in this high-demand field.

Prepare for a Lucrative Career Helping Others

Give your clients a new lease on life—help them reach their ideal goal weight, work toward their dream body and live a healthier lifestyle. Using a combination of psychology and hypnotherapy, start helping your clients make lasting changes to their lives. Become a Weight Management Coach and be the number one go-to support for your clients as they end their struggle with the debilitating condition of obesity.

You will learn the following: 

  • What happens in the never-ending struggle of obesity, as well as common and uncommon reasons for weight gain
  • How to develop an effective weight loss and management program that gets results
  • Tried and tested techniques to use with your clients that’ll help them shed the pounds - and keep them off!
  • How to create support products to elevate your weight management program
  • Marketing and branding strategies to get your practice off the ground

Become a Weight Management Coach

Learn specific skills and strategies to deliver successful Weight Management programs and bring added revenue to your business.

Example Curriculum

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  The Weight Gain World
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  Your Client's Struggle
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  Your Part in the Solution
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  Structure the Private Client Experience
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  Support Groups for Weight Management
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  Spreading the Word
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  Closing Words
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